Xbox Sale: TA Team Picks (April 22nd)


We may have just had a huge spring sale, but Microsoft is back this week with discounts on a range of games on Xbox and PC. Here are some games that the TrueAchievements news team thinks are good deals.

Microsoft has seen fit to once again drop prices on games on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC, thanks to this week’s Xbox Sale, and with the addition of the Xbox Game Pass Add-Ons Sale, to around 200 DLC packs. But a discount has been given. As always, the TA News crew is back to offer some of their top picks from a selection of discounted games. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Discounts from the bargain bin


Luke – Tamtam

When it comes to the best games like Pokemon that aren’t locked to a Nintendo platform, I have to put Tamtam at the top. With competitive 2v2 play at the core of the game, this massive monster-taming RPG starts training you early for its truly challenging endgame and PvP battles, and your road to victory will be long. TemTam achievements will take 200-odd hours to work, requiring a lot of crazy luck and commitment (trust me, you’ll hate fishing when you go to complete this) and a lot of skill – as I mentioned, unlike the games that inspired TemTam , here tamers actually fight, especially in dojo rematches that will require you to train specific counters to include on your team.

Tamtam also has MMO elements, which means you can see, chat, trade with and challenge other tamers around the world, and more or less all that stuff. There’s also an auction house, meaning those who prefer breeding to battle can earn a small fortune by producing competition-ready creatures or eggs, and those who don’t have time for that side of the game can simply grind for cash to buy their way through. can do A solid team rather than raising one from scratch. I felt I got more of my money’s worth from Tamtem last year even at full price, so while 25% off doesn’t sound like much, it still works out to be a matter of pennies per hour of play if you’re going for completion, and extended endgame. And for a lively competitive scene you should stick even less later. Which, by the way, has cross-play, so there should be no shortage of tamers you can trade and battle with. It’s time to do a TemTem up!

tum tum

tum tum

Tamtam is a massively multiplayer animal-collecting adventure. Take a trip to the beautiful Airborne Archipelago with your Tamtem crew. Catch every Tamtem, battle other Tamers, customize your home, join a friend’s adventure or explore a dynamic online world.


Sean – Bad North

It’s slim pickings in this week’s Xbox sales, but some gems are out there. One is Bad North, a minimalist real-time strategy game where you must defend small islands from hordes of Viking invaders. On the surface, Bad North looks like a fairly simple RTS, but it offers enough complexity to keep things interesting. As you progress, you will come across a variety of enemies that you will need to fend off. You have to make full use of the terrain of each procedural island, moving your archers or your pikemen quickly from one side to the other so that the invaders don’t burn down the houses you’re trying to protect. Things can get intense very quickly when you see boats full of Vikings emerging from the fog from every direction, though careful and quick planning will see you through. This exciting gameplay is combined with excellent visuals and sound that create a sometimes ominous atmosphere — don’t let those cute-looking sprites fool you! For just $4.49/£3.59/€4.49, you can’t go wrong with Bad North this week.

Bad North: Jotunn version

Bad North: Jotunn version

Your home is under attack. The king has died at the hands of Viking invaders. Hope is a distant glimmer in the fog, fading fast with each passing moment. As you rise to take your father’s place as ruler, he will take the stage to defend you. But make no mistake – this is not a fight for victory, but a desperate grasp for survival.


Tom – Dying Light 2

Following up on my Dying Light recommendation last week, I’m back to suggest you pick up Dying Light 2: Be Human, and not just own both games. I personally prefer Dying Light 2 over its predecessor, as I find the modern dark age theme exciting. There’s something about watching a civilization return to a humble, yet undeniably terrifying, existence, as the last shred of humanity tries to survive against the growing hordes of the undead in crumbling cities. The story sees the protagonist Aiden, known as Pilgrim, searching for his missing sister in the ruins of the city, using equipment such as a new paraglider to cross the infected atmosphere. Guns don’t appear in this sequel, so only melee, thrown, and bow weapons can be used, but the crafting system lets you craft plenty of toys to destroy the undead. The game’s latest update has also upgraded the gore system, so you can cause more carnage while helping the beautiful people of Villedor. This week, you can pick up the base game for $29.99/£29.99/€34.99, half off its usual price, or if you fancy picking up the whole package, the Ultimate Edition is being discounted by 30%, making it $69.99/ Makes. £62.99/€76.99. Both versions are currently at their lowest prices ever, so that makes them even easier to recommend!

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

The virus won and civilization returned to the Dark Ages. The city, one of the last human settlements, is on the brink of collapse. Use your agility and combat skills to survive and reshape the world. Your choices matter.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human - Ultimate Edition

Dying Light 2 Stay Human – Ultimate Edition

The virus won and civilization returned to the Dark Ages. The city, one of the last human settlements, is on the brink of collapse. Use your agility and combat skills to survive and reshape the world. Your choices matter.

Will you be adding any of these games to your collection, or do you have something to recommend to us? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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