Here’s your complete guide to Dead Island 2 Multiplayer

Dead Island 2 characters destroy zombies in pink picture.

Dead Island 2‘s zombie-stalked netherworld is a lot easier to weather with friends, so it’s helpful that the game prioritizes multiplayer just as much. original Dead Island But even so, this bloodbath of sequels approaches co-op in some important ways.

Keep reading and you’ll find answers to all your co-op questions.

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doing Dead Island 2 Is there crossplay?

No. But when players can’t join games on the platform, they you can Join games across generations of the same platform, so a PS4 player can join a PS5 player’s game, and an Xbox Series X/S owner can play with someone with an Xbox One.

But while cross-gen is possible, currently, only owners of the newest console models, the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, can actually host multiplayer sessions for cross-gen play.

How many people can play Dead Island 2 at the same time?

Despite the original Dead Island Up to four players allowed, Dead Island 2 Controversially The player counts to three.

I know a lot of long-time fans are disappointed, but, from personal experience, I can tell you that even playing as a couple makes the game laughably challenging, as you strap on friendship bracelets, your way through an endless zombie parade. Do not clear the way. It’s still really fun, though, like playing Whac-A-Mole.

how Dead Island 2 Multiplayer work?

So, you’ve sorted out your console, and you’ve broken the news to your fourth player. You are ready to begin the simple process of actually enabling multiplayer.

To activate multiplayer in a new game, play for about 30 minutes, until you complete Chapter Three, “Call the Cavalry.” A prompt will appear asking you to choose between “Online Options” which connects you to a random game and “Social” which connects you to a friend’s game.

If you decline to enable multiplayer at this point, it will later be available as an option in your main menu, and you can toggle between single and multiplayer games at your leisure.

To act as a host, press “Continue” from your main menu and select either “Public,” “Invite Only” or “Friends Only,” which is limited to users you’ve added as friends on your console or for PC. Players, on your Epic Games account. To join an existing game, select “Join Game” and then select either a friend’s name, or “Quick Join” to play online with Rando.

Dead Island 2 characters destroy zombies in pink picture.

This could be you!
Image: Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

In any case, multiplayer only works when players are either in the exact same section of the game, or if one player invites another to a section that the hosting player has already completed.. In other words, you can never skip Can’t use co-op for that. Next, you can simply revisit previous chapters, or push forward from a shared point together.

Are there any advantages to playing multiplayer over single-player?

The obvious answer is, yes, multiplayer makes difficult enemies and quests more manageable, and it does Dead Island 2 A more social experience. But there are some hidden benefits as well.

Although multiplayer works best (in my opinion) when each participant’s story progress matches, a high-level player can help a low-level player in a chapter of the game they’ve already beaten. Dead Island 2 It will automatically temper the senior player’s level to better match rookies, but it allows the weapons to retain their high-level status. This is bad news for early-game enemies, but it provides a fun option to help friends get out of places they find difficult to manage alone.

And, even if you’re already playing completed chapters in single-player, your game will save all your found items, side-quest progress, and earned XP when playing with someone else. This also makes multiplayer a painless way to level up and earn special quest rewards.

How about the drawbacks?

Playing on my PS5, I noticed Dead Island 2 Feels a bit more sticky during co-op than in single-player, but not distractingly so. Other than that, though, the only real downside to multiplayer for me is that the game starts to feel a little too fun, at least if you’re playing with friends who are significantly lower level, like I am.

With only two players, we managed to beat the second boss in – no joke – two minutes, which felt like a shame, as it took me two tries and a lot of crying to win in single-player. If you want to feel challenged, I’d recommend avoiding multiplayer for big story moments like this, or at least playing with someone whose weapons are stronger than your own.

What do you think Dead Island 2Ever have multiplayer?

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